Cost/Price factor in best value procurements
Click here to download.Brief summary of GAO rulings on application of Cost/Price factor by agencies evaluating offers in best value solicitations.
Bid protest analysis
Click here to download.Analysis of bid protest issues related to source selection for tanker procurement by U.S. Air Force.
Medical hardship grant for individual
Click here to download.Grant proposal to obtain funding for colleague facing a complex medical situation and a home mortgage foreclosure.
Patient satisfaction initiative
Click here to download.Abstract of pilot program to ensure prompt recovery of patient belongs left in medical unit at time of discharge.
Software validation assessment report
Click here to download.Report on evaluation of software validation documentation to identify gaps, assess impact, and recommend remediation measures.
Grant evaluation conference notes
Click here to download.Notes from panel discussion of grant evaluation issue of local outcomes and their relationship to potential system change.
Click here to download.Process and system flowcharts show sequenced steps in operational and developmental processes.
Informal memos
Click here to download.Examples of informal writing addressing diverse subjects of employment law, procurement issues, and work processes.